Shades, Sunnies & Raybans Whatever you call them here's some helpful info?

Sunglasses are no longer a luxury accessory only for you to look good in front of your people. So are they really important? Can the eye suffer damages from not wearing them?

1- Eye Damage


Several studies have certified eye damage due to the sun. And according to long-term researchers, ultraviolet radiation definitely affects the central vision area which is the one that allows maximum visual acuity and lets us see in color! This is why specialists advise the use of filters, I mean, yes you guessed right: sunglasses.

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2- UV protection







When wearing sunglasses with no ultraviolet protection, the pupil dilates and UV rays can easily enter in the eye, this means that it's even more dangerous to wear unprotected lenses against ultraviolet, than to not wear them. So if this is your case, do me and yourself a favor and go throw away those "fancy" sunglasses that are only feeding your compliments list.

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3- Color and Protection

So your darker sunglasses, because they are darker, it means that they protect you from UV right? OF COURSE NOT! The darkness of the lens only limits the amount of light that reaches the eye, but that doesn't mean that they have the correct UV filter. If you have been wearing glasses without a filter for too long, despite not perceiving the damage, since the vision is correct, long-term vision problems such as defective vision or eye deviations may come along with time.

4- Polarized Glasses

Why are they so special? Why does everybody talk about them? Stated in professional words: "When the not polarized random light of the sun is reflected on a flat surface, then it becomes polarized" Which means the light is oriented in a certain direction, instead of randomly. This translates into an annoying glare that can be dangerous for your eyes at certain times while driving for example. This is when polarized sunglasses do their job. They filter this glare. They neutralize uncomfortable reflections from surfaces such as wet roads, water or snow. Still going for the fancy look? We have done a full blog on this here

5- Polarization and Protection of sunglasses

It's important for you to remember this info when getting your next, o.k. let's say fancy, but with protection, sunglasses. The protection level depends on the filter category and it's showed using a number that you can see on the border of the sunglasses, inside the circle. You'll see a number between 1 and 5 in any sunglasses you choose. This number indicates the recommended use, going from dimmed brightness (1) to exceptional brightness (5).


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