Sustainable fashion not just a buzz word anymore

Something like 15 years ago the idea of sustainable fashion first hit the creators of fashion and trendsetters, admittedly at that point of time it took on a slightly different outlook. Much of what was available was priced well out of the everyday consumer's range.

Sustainable fashion not just a buzz word anymore
Moving on 15 years later many fashion houses have dedicated a lot of time,
money and innovation to look at creating alternate fabrics using recycled
materials ocean wastes such as seaweed and fish skin. Another branch of
innovators have introduced the use of natural dies as humans did hundreds of
years ago using plant extracts, seeds, and petals to color their fabric as
opposed to chemicals.

Sustainable Fashion
During the past few years through the introduction of sustainability in all areas of our industries including mining, farming, medicine, food processing has made many products readily available to all consumers and most importantly everyone seems to better understand the implications and our own responsibility and accountability for our actions and effects to our environment.

Now 15 years later it's taking the fashion industry by storm. As part of this revolution, social enterprise has given rice to fashion labels which incorporate sustainability within their operations and ideologies and all products are 100% of sustainable materials and produced with sustainable mechanisms which include better conditions for employees.
Sustainable fashion not just a buzz word anymore

At Crann this we are born from the need to be sustainable, All articles are of the Highest Quality guaranteed, as is the unique craftsmanship along with our dedication to sustainability and accountability towards the protection of trees, woodlands, and hedgerows in Ireland through our donation of a portion of our proceeds to which is one of the largest Irish non-profit organisations dedicated to promotion and protection of our trees, woodlands and hedgerows. In part by purchasing any of our product you, in turn, help us to protect our natural environment.


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