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**Guest Blog by Fashionable Frank** I’m passionate about Men’s Style and I love sharing my fashion and style choices with you. I have some outfits ideas lined up to show you how to style the Wooden Sunglasses and illustrate how versatile they are. They look great with every outfit!

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How to Adjust your Watch

You may have a watch sitting in a drawer somewhere simply due to the fact that it does not fit. It either slips off your wrist or is just too tight.  However, these issues can be fixed. This article will teach you how to resize your metal watch's wristband in just a few easy steps. What you'll need: A watch with a wristband Needle Nosed Pliers 1-2 Push Pins Jewelry Hammer Flat workspace Good lighting Extra links (to enlarge watch size) You may need to order these from your watch's manufacturer Instructions: Tightening a Watch- Fasten your unadjusted watch around your wrist. Pinch your loose band until it is the size you desire. Count how many links are in the...

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