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9 Incredible Sites to See in Ireland

Ireland is a favorite destination location for people from all over the world. They come to Ireland to enjoy the pubs, the people, and the lush greenery that the Emerald Isle offers. With all sorts of historical sites and quirky places of interest, we thought we'd make a great list for you to use the next time you travel to Ireland.

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The Perfect Irish Souvenir

Ireland is a country with thousands of years of rich history and culture. The years of culture and history enchant people into visiting and also convince them to come back. Often, people bring back gifts from cheap tourist shops, like t-shirts, snow globes, spoons, mugs, and even stuffed leprechauns. Ireland is much more than a t-shirt or stereotypes. You don't want something that will collect dust on a shelf. When you visit, you'll want to bring back something meaningful – something that embodies Irish values and traditions.  Consider turning to Irish creators, like CRANN. Nothing will remind you of your stay in Ireland quite like a handcrafted souvenir made of actual wood from the Irish Woodland, named after the creator's favourite...

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