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What are Chronograph watches?

Most stylish Irish people like complementing their classy outfits with various items like a watch, cufflinks,  sunglasses or hat etc. Such items are perfect gifts for cherished ones or special people that need appreciation. An example of a stunning Irish gift is a historical chronograph watch that has thrilling features. 

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What Sunglasses Match My Face?

Finding sunglasses that flatter your face can be a difficult task with all the choices out there. Sometimes individuals fall into the trap of selecting a pair with a pleasing feature or color without considering the shapes of their faces. You should choose sunglasses frames that contrast your own facial features meaning that the shape of the frames is actually opposite to your face shape. So if you want to look stylish and beat the heat at the same time, just hang on this article to know how and why!

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Get Your Festival Checklist

Finally, the festival day is here. You are all excited and pumped up. You will have mad fun with your friends. But wait a minute, what do you need for the festival? You know you have to go prepared right? You need to pack all the essentials. Again don't forget the fun and smart stuff. Other people will come looking gorgeous. Don't be left out. In fact, you should stand out among the crowds. Read on to have the optimum checklist.

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Sustainable fashion not just a buzz word anymore

Something like 15 years ago the idea of sustainable fashion first hit the creators of fashion and trendsetters, admittedly at that point of time it took on a slightly different outlook. Much of what was available was priced well out of the everyday consumer's range. Moving on 15 years later many fashion houses have dedicated a lot of time,money and innovation to look at creating alternate fabrics using recycledmaterials ocean wastes such as seaweed and fish skin. Another branch ofinnovators have introduced the use of natural dies as humans did hundreds ofyears ago using plant extracts, seeds, and petals to color their fabric asopposed to chemicals. During the past few years through the introduction of sustainability in all areas of...

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