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Sustainable fashion not just a buzz word anymore

Something like 15 years ago the idea of sustainable fashion first hit the creators of fashion and trendsetters, admittedly at that point of time it took on a slightly different outlook. Much of what was available was priced well out of the everyday consumer's range. Moving on 15 years later many fashion houses have dedicated a lot of time,money and innovation to look at creating alternate fabrics using recycledmaterials ocean wastes such as seaweed and fish skin. Another branch ofinnovators have introduced the use of natural dies as humans did hundreds ofyears ago using plant extracts, seeds, and petals to color their fabric asopposed to chemicals. During the past few years through the introduction of sustainability in all areas of...

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How to Adjust your Watch

You may have a watch sitting in a drawer somewhere simply due to the fact that it does not fit. It either slips off your wrist or is just too tight.  However, these issues can be fixed. This article will teach you how to resize your metal watch's wristband in just a few easy steps. What you'll need: A watch with a wristband Needle Nosed Pliers 1-2 Push Pins Jewelry Hammer Flat workspace Good lighting Extra links (to enlarge watch size) You may need to order these from your watch's manufacturer Instructions: Tightening a Watch- Fasten your unadjusted watch around your wrist. Pinch your loose band until it is the size you desire. Count how many links are in the...

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The Perfect Irish Souvenir

Ireland is a country with thousands of years of rich history and culture. The years of culture and history enchant people into visiting and also convince them to come back. Often, people bring back gifts from cheap tourist shops, like t-shirts, snow globes, spoons, mugs, and even stuffed leprechauns. Ireland is much more than a t-shirt or stereotypes. You don't want something that will collect dust on a shelf. When you visit, you'll want to bring back something meaningful – something that embodies Irish values and traditions.  Consider turning to Irish creators, like CRANN. Nothing will remind you of your stay in Ireland quite like a handcrafted souvenir made of actual wood from the Irish Woodland, named after the creator's favourite...

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