• How to Adjust your Watch

    How to Adjust your Watch
    You may have a watch sitting in a drawer somewhere simply due to the fact that it does not fit. It either slips off your wrist or is just too tight.  However, these issues can be fixed. This article will teach you how to resize your metal watch's wristband in just a few easy steps. What you'll need: A watch with a wristband Needle...
  • The Perfect Irish Souvenir

    The Perfect Irish Souvenir
    Ireland is a country with thousands of years of rich history and culture. The years of culture and history enchant people into visiting and also convince them to come back. Often, people bring back gifts from cheap tourist shops, like t-shirts, snow globes, spoons, mugs, and even stuffed leprechauns. Ireland is much more than a t-shirt or stereotypes. You don't want something that will...
  • 11 Reasons to Wear Wooden Accessories

    11 Reasons to Wear Wooden Accessories
    Welcome to the world of wooden accessories! Here at Crann, we craft high-quality sunglasses and watches that will last for years to come. We would like to offer you 11 great reasons to wear wooden accessories, such as ours: Wooden accessories are uniquely beautiful. In a world of mass-produced plastic goods, it is refreshing to experience the subdued beauty of a wooden piece. You will...


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