The Best Irish Gifts List

Whether you are visiting the Emerald Isle, or are born and bred, there are times when only a truly Irish gift will do. You may want to take it home with you from your visit to give to a loved one, or it might be for that birthday or anniversary or another special Irish occasion. If so, what are some truly Irish gifts you can purchase? 

When I think of Ireland, I think of Whiskey. Who doesn't? A bottle of the finest Irish Whiskey would make a wonderful gift that would be treasured to the very end of the bottle. 

Crann Irish Gifts | Whiskey

A set comprising a crystal decanter and glasses would bring pleasure for even longer. 

Crann Irish Gifts | Crystal

For an individual's gift, a hip flask and shot glasses would also be welcomed. 

Crann Irish Gifts | Hipflask

Oh, and cold. I think of cold when I think of Ireland. A beautifully knitted Aran Sweater would be sure to keep the cold out for many years. Every Aran Sweater tells a story through its unique patterns. Made from pure wool, these sweaters are guaranteed to keep on keeping on and will ensure the recipient stays cosily warm for years to come. Sweaters are available for both men and women in a range of designs, colors, and patterns. There are also scarves and blankets to keep you warm. Any of these would make a gift that is certain to be cherished. 

Crann Irish Gifts | Aran Jumpers

But if that doesn't float your boat, there are plenty more options. 

Celtic jewelry is made using age-old designs including the Trinity Knot, the Irish Cross, and the Claddagh. The Claddagh contains two hands holding a heart, with a Crown above and symbolizes love, friendship, loyalty and fidelity. These traditional Irish designs are incorporated into rings, earrings and necklaces or pendants using precious metals and a range of precious and semi-precious stones. There is also the more modern 'tree of life' design which is also incorporated into a range of jewellery items as well as men's jewelry including cuff links and watches. 

Crann Irish Gifts | Ring

Also representing modern design are Crann's who produce handmade wooden watches and sunglasses. Not only is each watch and pair of sunglasses stylish and totally unique, but they are also made using sustainable materials, including recycled bamboo for their sunglasses and new bamboo, ebony, and sandalwood for their watches. For every purchase, a donation is made to the Native Woodland Trust for the preservation and restoration of Ireland's native woodlands. A gift that doesn't just let you take a little part of Ireland with you (if you're going), it gives back to Ireland at the same time. 

Crann Irish Gifts - Sunglasses and watches

For a send home, or send to family abroad gift, an Irish hamper is ideal. You might prefer to choose a sweet hamper which contains a mouth-watering mix of Ireland's best chocolate, toffees, and biscuits. For more savory taste buds, you might prefer a wine and cheese hamper, or perhaps a hamper that contains all those Irish favorites that can't be bought abroad (your homesick family will love this choice). Worldwide delivery is included in the price of hampers.

Crann Irish Gifts | Hamper

Whatever your choice, and regardless of budget, there are many Irish gifts to choose between, I can guarantee you will find something Irish to suit.

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