The Perfect Irish Souvenir

Ireland is a country with thousands of years of rich history and culture. The years of culture and history enchant people into visiting and also convince them to come back. Often, people bring back gifts from cheap tourist shops, like t-shirts, snow globes, spoons, mugs, and even stuffed leprechauns. Ireland is much more than a t-shirt or stereotypes. You don't want something that will collect dust on a shelf. When you visit, you'll want to bring back something meaningful – something that embodies Irish values and traditions. 

Consider turning to Irish creators, like CRANN. Nothing will remind you of your stay in Ireland quite like a handcrafted souvenir made of actual wood from the Irish Woodland, named after the creator's favourite Gaelic words. CRANN produces beautiful handmade watches and sunglasses, with prices starting as low as €20. Everything about these products is Irish to its core, from the craftsmen and women down to the materials, and they can be used in your everyday life. 

The company's name, the word "Crann," means "tree" in Gaelic. This emphasizes the company's focus not only on making products out of quality materials but also its dedication to sustainability and emphasizing the connection between the people and the Earth throughout Ireland's lengthy history. Each product is named in a similar manner. There is a watch currently in the store called "fios," which means "knowledge" in English, and there is a pair of sunglasses dubbed "gra," which is the Gaelic word for "love." These words capture the very essence of Ireland, as well as Irish values and traditions. 

Unlike the run-of-the-mill sightseer gift shops you find at every tourist location in the world, CRANN offers quality products made by the Irish that are crafted with materials found in Ireland and that you can use in your everyday life. These products are remarkable gifts or souvenirs to bring back from your visit, and they will keep you coming back for the beautiful scenery, the wonderful people, and Irish values. Nothing compares to the hard work that the Irish put into crafting these one of a kind gifts.




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