What Sunglasses Match My Face?

Finding sunglasses that flatter your face can be a difficult task with all the choices out there. Sometimes individuals fall into the trap of selecting a pair with a pleasing feature or colour without considering the shapes of their faces. You should choose sunglasses frames that contrast your own facial features meaning that the shape of the frames is actually opposite to your face shape. So if you want to look stylish and beat the heat at the same time, just hang on this article to know how and why!

Round face

People with a round face, the best style of sunglasses for them is any style that breaks up softness and creates sharper contrast. Rectangular, wrap, shield or square-shaped sunglasses frames are their best option. Besides, they shouldn't be afraid to focus on loud or bright colours because they will complement their features. Picking shades to help widen your cheekbones.


Square face

Circular or large frames typically offset the sharp contours of square-shaped faces hence round or oval sunglasses are best suited for individuals with square lines and sharp features. Moreover, bug-eyed or rounded shaped sunglasses are the best choices for such guys. These styles tend to draw attention away from sharp angles making the wearer look like they have a more triangular-shaped face. Just putting more mass or weight on the frames top section can easily achieve this effect. However, if you consider wearing small frames, you should go for horizontal oval styles in plain dark colors.


Oval face

For an oval-shaped face, or one that isn't round but proportionate, angled or rounded sunglasses are the best choice because they extenuate their cheekbones focus on the eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Oval faces are the easiest to best fit to sunglasses and a person with oval-shaped features can pull-off most shapes and colors easily.


Rectangular (oblong) face

The oblong-shaped face is a bit longer and chiseled than a square face. Rectangular shaped sunglasses won't compliment your face shape well. Instead, oval or round shaped frames will make your face look more proportionate and offset your sharp edges in comparatively. Moreover, square, wrap and shield styles can also best fit this group of people.


Diamond face

People with diamond-shaped faces have a narrow jawline and forehead with cheekbones being the widest face part. Oval and rimless sunglasses can help them fill in their wide or high cheekbones. Diamond faces will be best suited in frames that feature delicate curves and not wider than the user's cheekbones.


Heart face

Guys in this category tend to be widest on the temples and narrowest at their chins. Frames with wide lower edges without straight lines along the top are particularly well-suited to this group of faces as they shift attention downwards and extend the face. Butterfly styles or sunglasses with rounded edges are ideally suited for a more balanced look. Other styles like shield, rimless or aviator will also suit them best.


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