10 Valentine's Day Gift for Him Guide

Valentine's day has always been known as the holiday of love, but picking out a gift for your other half can be a stressful task that many go through each year. With the celebration just around the corner, we have made picking out the perfect gift easier than ever. Let's take a look at our cherry-picked list of ideal valentine's day gift guide for him.

1) Customized Irish Bog Oak Click Pen

This personalized ballpoint click pen is a handcrafted gift that is guaranteed to impress any man. Fitting for men that work in an office or write a lot, the Irish Bog Oak click pen also comes with a beautiful solid wood maple case. Choosing to engrave the body of the pen with a special message for your man, is an extra step that will bring a smile to anyone's face.

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Price: €35.00 - €40.00 Cuando.ie


2) Monogrammed Leather Cufflinks Gold

If formal business attire of suites are common in his closet than these luxurious retro cufflinks are a great valentines day gift choice. Crafted with Italian leather that is wrapped in sleek gold, the cufflinks add sophistication to any outfit. And for a more personal touch, you can get a monogram embossed into each piece.

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Price: €43.54 Cuando.ie


3) Obair Luxurious Wrist Watch

Next on our list, is a classy timepiece that is suitable for any man who enjoys a timeless wristwatch. Made out of Ebony and stainless steel this watch is guaranteed to last and impress. There is no need to spend a fortune on a watch because this affordable gift is a watch any man will enjoy.

a close up of a watch

Price: €249.00 from Crann


4) Happy Socks- Fruit Socks Gift Box


Everyone enjoys a great pair of socks. These silly yet classy socks come in a summer style fruit theme. Filled with colour, these quality cotton socks will add that extra glam to any simple outfit. Available in many different sizes, you can now style your man in a fruity attire.

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Price: €43.19 from Happysocks


5) Personalized Wooden Card Wallet

Riding the new trend of personalized wallets, these wooden wallet cards are a popular gift choice for your spouse. Made out of two pieces of Irish oak that are wrapped with an engraved custom band, making this an extra special gift for your man.

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Price: €28.06 from Cuando.ie


6) American Golf Gift Voucher

Perfect gift for a golf-loving man, this gift voucher comes in many different price points. Allowing your man to pick out exactly what he needs for his next golfing visit. This practical gift is great for any man just getting into golf or even professionals.

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Price: €5 - €100 from American Golf


7) Darach Black Shaded Sunglasses

Taking on an edgier look, some men might appreciate the Darach sunglasses. This pair of shades come in an oak frame and dark-tinted glass. The perfect gift before summer starts makes this a practical gift that can be used all year round.

a man wearing sunglasses

Price: €79.00 from Crann


8) Dursey Fields Glass Tumbler

Last on our list is an expertly crafted Irish crystal glass. Inspired by the artwork Marry Callaghan the glass makes a perfect gift for any man who enjoys a polished weighed glass for his drink. Packed with an intriguing minimal design anyone can enjoy this gift.

a close up of a coffee cup

Price: €70.00 Irish Design Shop 


9) Handmade Oak Stand

Another handmade present on our list, this personalized oak stand is one of our top picks for ideal gifts for him. Valued for its everyday use, your man can now keep all of his valuable belongings in one spot such as his phone, watch, keys and more.

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Price: €47.62 from etsy

10) Zero Waste Pro Kit

If your spouse is environmentally cautious, then this zero waste kit is a gift for him. Filled with everyday items you need to live a waste-free life, the kit includes a metal straw and brush, string bag, stainless steel lunch box and more.

a bottle of items on a table

Price: €64.00 from Reuzi

Thanks so much for reading I hope this helps find the perfect gift! 


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