7 Sustainable Fashion Trends for 2020

The Crann 7 Sustainable Fashion Trends are in! Our world has limited resources, to preserve our earth for the next generation. With Mother Earth in mind, there is an increase in sustainably focused brand in fashion. Sustainability does not mean bad fashion sense, is creating a new way of looking great without costing the earth.

1- Renting

In Asia, brides usually rent wedding dresses. Nobody wants to wear the same wedding dress twice in their lifetime, and renting saves a lot of money. It takes a lot of resources to make a wedding dress, hence it is more sustainable to hire one just for one occasion. Renting market has seen a boom with more dress rental places making people happy while saving the world.

2- Reduce

Fashion does not mean buying new items that shows up on a fashion magazine. Reducing what you buy helps make the world a better place, but that does not mean that you have to give up looking stylish. You can always find someone to swap pieces, or buy a plain outfit and dress it up with accessories. Why not look at eBay or Depop

3- Reuse

A lot of fashion gurus who promote sustainable fashion trends encourage reusing accessories, we have seen many trends come back into fashion. Floral, metal, and pastel are just one of the many trends that repeat every few years. While throwing away a perfectly good belt, when you can use it again in a year or two? You can upcycle by adding bling to old clothes or recycle your dirty worn shirt into a rag. The choice is yours, that torn up jeans can be cut short into pants. If you have good sewing skills, maybe turn it into a bag. For ideas, look to Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration to create new pieces.

4- Renewing Vintage

Vintage never dies, it is one of the most popular sustainable fashion trends that live on forever. You can buy branded outfits at a good price, and since it is always in style, it never goes out of date. Invest in a few good pieces, then match it with different accessories for different looks. Fashion is always in a cycle, what is old might become new again.


Are the clothes that you are wearing renewable? Manufacturers are now ways to recycle fabric and yarn, while big brands are supporting these new technologies. Buying clothes with renewed yarn will make you feel doubly good about yourself.


Cotton has been a popular source of textile fibers for hundreds of years, as they are natural and easy to grow. But do you know that only organic cotton does not have pesticides and insecticides that kill wildlife? Textile manufacturers are looking at using bamboo, corn or soy as alternatives, so maybe one day you can wear your clothes and eat it too.


The way you do fashion. Sustainable fashion trends are the fashion industry's commitment to preserving the world for future generations. You should do a part and be conscious of what you are wearing because you can save the world, one outfit at a time.




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