Crann made it onto the pages of GQ

It might be a surprise to those of us who are used to GQ providing cutting edge content on the essentials of life for the modern man that they have been in the business of keeping us current since 1931 as part of the dominant force of Conde Nast publishing, which includes the sister brand Vogue.

 Crann in GQ

1. GQ Who? 

From their base in New York, they have their sights firmly set on men who have found their stride and now need to stay informed while they juggle business and lifestyle priorities. Copies of GQ have nestled in sharp briefcases and on mahogany coffee tables for some time, these days though, they keep their finger right on the pulse. Where businessmen no longer need to be stale, pale and heading for the golf course, GQ has found itself leading the charge towards a more contemporary attitude to fashion, lifestyle, money, and culture.

GQ has a team who, time and time again, sort the wheat from the chaff in highlighting the best opportunities and products to their readers. Readers who number in the hundreds of thousands in the domestic and global market. The influence of GQ goes well beyond its own pages, however. GQ readers are, as a group, successful. They act as role models not just in their communities but on the world stage, where they operate in their daily lives.


2. Trend Setters

Setting trends and modeling aspiration for the men around them in a way that provides authenticity that advertising alone could not. GQ provides content and advice to a time-poor but discerning base of customers, and as such, it should be no surprise that they frequently feature brands who have an impressive pedigree in the fashion world. Whether it's Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton or Dolce and Gabbana with classically luxurious versions of their catwalk collections or the more avant-garde end of the upmarket pool like Kenzo and Tom Ford, the profile and weight of a GQ recommendation is significant.


Their friendly relationship with the high end is no obstacle to discovering the fresh, however, highlighting street style profiles and up and coming brands like Kirk Originals, Ace and Tate and Crann. This is crucial to what makes GQ so valuable to its readers, a new brand sticks out among the crowd on their pages.


3. Why Is GQ So Popular? 

The target demographic, the image-conscious professional, is already aware of the need to stand out from his peers and in an increasing number of cases, does not want to be the tenth man at the meeting wearing a belt by Gucci or glasses by Versace. He wants when he is complimented on his look to be able to tell the admirer more about the items than their price tag.


4. What Does It Mean For Crann? 

As a brand, Crann stands to benefit hugely from this. When the sleek aesthetic of their pieces, brings a compliment rolling in the wearer can make a statement that shows he hasn't just made himself look good but by choosing a label which invests back into sustainable materials and native woodlands, he has made a statement about his values. In a market crying out for authenticity, Crann will get access to a global audience while remaining grounded in appearance and reality.

Crann Sunglasses in GQ


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