Do I really need sunglasses in Ireland?

Eyes are CLASS.

The fastest muscle in the body, made up of over 2 million parts, containing 107 million cells, capable of differentiating between 10 million different colours, there's no denying the superior power of our omniscient optical organs.

But much like a cannon made of glass, their power is matched only by their own fragility. All kinds of menacing dangers are out to destroy our eyes, the most prevalent of which being the very thing which gave them a job in the first place: the sun. 

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The Ultraviolet rays of the sun are deadly little blighters. Not only can they penetrate our skin and make an unrighteous mess of it, they can also fry the cells right off of our poor little eyes, burning their life away. Long-term exposure to UV light can really do some damage, increasing the risk of cataracts, corneal damage, and age-related macular degeneration, ultimately leading to blindness.


Nowhere, I repeat, nowhere, is this more of a problem than in the super sunny paradise of fun and adventure, otherwise known as Ireland.

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But wait, I hear you say: doesn't it rain, like, a thousand days a year in Ireland? Well sure, smart guy, you're absolutely right. But therein lies the point: UV rays are gon' getcha come sun, rain or snow. 

In other words, Ireland's winters are just as dangerous as the summers when it comes to the attack of the Ultraviolet. UV Rays reflected from water or snow are just as potent as direct sunlight. It's on those crisp, sunny days when you need to take extra care, but remember that UV can even penetrate the clouds. So when the snows fall and the winds howl, wrap up warm and shield your eyes, no matter what the sun's doing. To quote a local legend, 'you won't be long gettin' frostbit', and you won't be long gettin' your wee eyes burned off, either. 

Sunglasses in the Rain Meme | Irish Sunglasses Crann

The solution? Sunglasses, of course! They protect your eyes from UV rays, direct or reflected. When it comes to driving, they're basically a must - they mitigate sun glare, increase visual acuity in the rain, and most importantly, they make you look damn cool.

Everyone knows that Ireland is a nation of dapper fashionistas, and no stylish get-up would be complete without a swanky pair of sunnies.

So whether you're enjoying the sun and snows of Ireland, or jetting off (for some reason) to some other meteorically inferior country, give your eyes the protection and the style that they so thoroughly need and deserve!  



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