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Finally, the festival day is here. You are all excited and pumped up. You will have mad fun with your friends. But wait a minute, what do you need for the festival? You know you have to go prepared right? You need to pack all the essentials. Again don't forget the fun and smart stuff. Other people will come looking gorgeous. Don't be left out. In fact, you should stand out among the crowds. Read on to have the optimum checklist.


Festival Checklist, Crann SuncreamSunglasses-This should be on your festival checklist. Pal, your skin is all incredible. Take care of it with some sunscreen. You don't want to fry your skin. That won't be cool at all. Again, don't assume that your friends will carry it. You have to pack your own. Get your favorite, one that smells great.


Sunglasses Crann

Yes, you definitely need festival sunglasses. First, they will protect your eyes from the sun. Secondly, you will look cool. Who doesn't want to look amazing? The best sunglasses come from CRANN. They are affordable in terms of cost. The company has sells sunglasses for both men and women. The products are a sight to behold. They come in various colours. You should get them; you won't regret it.



Water and Drinks-

Festival checklist - Water, DrinksDo you know prices spike up at a festival? You don't need to buy water at a double cost. Carry some of your own. Drinks too, choose some great wine. You can add some canned beer. This way, you have the time of your life.

Wet Wipes-

Wet wipes - Festival Checklist Crann

Of course, they come in handy. The scorching sun will get to you. Trust me, the crowds will also make you sweat. If you love to dance, you will break a sweat too. Carry wet wipes in plenty. You will thank me later. Moreover, you can wipe your hands before eating.





Festival checklist CrannIf you will stay overnight, pack a tent. It's more fun at night and you know it. The pop-up type is the best. You can pitch it in a cozy place. Make sure that you carry enough sleeping bags. Pack warm covers too. It gets cold at night.




ID, and Ticket-

Tickets and id festival checklist CrannPut the two in your bag as the first thing. They can either make or break your day. If you don't have them, the entry will be denied. So, we don't need this scenario. You are there to create fond memories. Carry them like your life depends on them. Hold them tight and don't lose them.


Cash crann festival checklistMate, please carry cash. You can buy the world with money. Just kidding! Don't ask it from friends. It's embarrassing, isn't it? Your credit card will be of no use. With cash, you buy delicious snacks.



Pain Killers-

Painkillers Crann Festival ChecklistDon't forget to pack painkillers. You will have a headache with drinks. Again, the crowds can be tiresome. If you under any medication, carry them.


Makeup and Glitter-

Festival fashion Crann Festival check listEnsure that you have your make-up. You need to look beautiful all the time. Who knows, you might meet someone. The shampoo is also a must-have. Glitters will make you look breath-taking. Add a hat too to accentuate your fashion.


Festival Checklist Crann Festival fashionHere, you will need to pack sundry clothes. Start with the light and flowery ones. If you are a lady, pack some cute dresses. If you are a man, carry some muscle t-shirts. Then, add some warm clothes. The weather might change. You need to be comfy when it does. The fashion festival should be fantastic. Don't forget a poncho! Dress to impress and catch the eyes of all people.


Bottom Line-

The festival checklist can be longer. However, these are the necessary ones. Like my friend, I would advise you to prepare in advance. This list is an excellent one. Optimize it and add more too. Well, now you can go to the festival self-contained. Have fun!



































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