How to Adjust your Watch

You may have a watch sitting in a drawer somewhere simply due to the fact that it does not fit. It either slips off your wrist or is just too tight.  However, these issues can be fixed. This article will teach you how to resize your metal watch's wristband in just a few easy steps.

What you'll need:

  • A watch with a wristband
  • Needle Nosed Pliers
  • 1-2 Push Pins
  • Jewelry Hammer
  • Flat workspace
  • Good lighting
  • Extra links (to enlarge watch size)
    • You may need to order these from your watch's manufacturer


Tightening a Watch-

  1. Fasten your unadjusted watch around your wrist.
  2. Pinch your loose band until it is the size you desire.
    1. Count how many links are in the slack between your fingers--this will tell you how many links need to be removed.
  3. Hold the watch on its side and count from the clasp the desired number of links to be removed.
  4. Find the pin holding the last link in your count to the rest of the band.
  5. Use the sharp end of your push pin to push the link pin out of the hole for the link.
    1. You may need to use your jewelry hammer to push the pin loose.
  6. Use pliers to pull the pin out of the link from the opposite side.
  7. Detach the clasp from the removed links using the same technique.
  8. Line up the clasp into the end where the links were removed and reattach the clasp using one of the pins from the removed links.  The watch should no longer be loose and fit at the desired size

Loosening a Watch-

  1. Measure how many links you'll need to make watch fit and order extra links.
  2. Hold the watch on its side and locate the pin that holds the watch clasp.
  3. Use your push pin to push the pin through the hole in the band and use your pliers to remove the pin.
  4. Add your extra links to the band by lining them up in the gap and reinsert the pin you have removed.

In just these simple steps, your watch should fit perfectly! You can officially show off your beautiful time piece once again!

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