How To Clean Wood Sunglasses

How to clean my wood glasses on-the-go

1. Rinse your glasses under warm water, our wooden eyewear is water-resistant.

2. Gently wipe dry using a clean microfiber or lint-free cloth.

3. If no cloth is available, use a shirt sleeve or soft fabric rather than napkin or paper towel which may scratch the lens.

4. Air dry for 15 minutes.


STEP 1- Wood Temple (Legs) Cleaning


Dry wood, not unlike a sponge, is absorbent by nature (think of how a tree moves water and nutrients up from the soil and into branches and leaves, up through the trunk). Wood's purpose in this state is to be saturated with water, seasonally expanding and contracting; it only begins to dry out when the tree dies, or when we start to turn that wood into lumber.

Keeping the surface fibres saturated with oil helps to control wood's natural fluctuation in moisture content, minimizing the likelihood of splitting and cracking while also helping the wood become more resistant to absorption.


There are many available oils and wood preservation products suitable for home use. Follow this advice to select the best one for your wood.

  • For sunnies, we like to use mineral oil, or coconut, or almond oil. Avoid the last two if nut allergies are an issue. 


  1. Gather Supplies- We like to use a clean, dry cloth, and set a newspaper, or some sort of catch tray out to catch any excess oil.
  2. Mix your oil solution-  We personally like a blend of Coconut oil and a squeeze of lemon.  
  3. Apply your solution- Dip your cloth in your blend, and apply all over the Wood of your sunnies (Avoiding the lenses).  
  4. Allow to sit overnight- Letting it sit overnight, we like 12 full hours to ensure that all of the oil has a chance to fully permeate the wood, and it will result in much better protection, and even water resistance. 
  5. Wipe off the excess oil- Take a dry cloth, rub away any remaining oil, and you did it!  Your watch will look like new, and will be ready to be that stunning piece for years to come!

STEP 2- Lense Cleaning

What cleaning tools do I need for lense cleaning?

There are two types of cleaning tools, cleaning detergent and a cleaning cloth.

How to clean the lenses?

Cleaning detergent
Please use the spectacle-specialized care solution or cleaning detergent. You can replace them with dish detergent and soap if you don’t have specialized detergents. These two cleaning tools will not damage the lenses. Just coat the lenses with those cleansers and then, wash with water.

Cleaning cloth
Generally, there is two cleaning cloth.

1) Glasses cloth

2) Tissue.

Both of them can be used to clean the lenses. Make sure that the cloth or the tissue is clean, we don't want you getting an infection! 

Another note: Don't use a hard tissue as it is very likely to scratch the lenses. Soft tissue is the best. You can also use a cleaning cloth or lens wiping paper. 

How to clean?

Always use cleaning cloth. Hold one side of the frame. Wipe the lenses gently, so that the frame or the lenses will not be damaged by your overstrain.

If the lenses are extremely dirty, wash them with water. After that, hold the frame or the bridge with one hand. Wet the thumb and the index of the other hand with soap. Gently wipe both sides of lenses. Then, wash away the soap and dirt. Finally, dry the lenses with a cotton cloth or other fine quality cloth.

Points to remember- 

1) Keep the lenses away from erosive materials, which will lead to the degradation and colour change of the lenses, as well as the damage to the coatings.

2) Dry the glasses as soon as possible when it becomes wet. Never let it dry itself. Water scale will change into stains, unable to be wiped away.


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