If I don't like My Cranns can I return them? No Questions Asked?

It's a wonderful day you have decided to go shopping for sunglasses and watches. The packages that you ordered had just arrived. You hurriedly opened the packages for you are eager to see what's inside. Then suddenly all the excitement that you had faded away. As you saw what was inside you realised the item that was given was not matching your style or doesn't suit you. 

Now, you are asking yourself "What if I buy but don't like it?"

The answer is simple, Crann offers you your money back/different style etc. No questions asked. No hassle. Pure well-mannered customer service only. This defines the Crann return policy.

If you don't think they suit your style etc don't worry we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED return policy within 90 days of purchase.  

What is a return policy anyway?

A return policy is a series of rules that establish the management of how various individuals can return a defective product or unwanted purchase. It is an extension of customer service offered by most companies as a means of addressing impulse buying or spur of the moment change of decisions. Return policies are important because it establishes trust between producer and consumer. It builds the authority of a business on a specific market and safeguards the rights of the customers at the same time. Various return policies, some offer a partial refund while others are more generous. Generous ones tend to give a full refund with no questions asked Crann is one of these

Crann Returns Policy

If you want to buy sunglasses and watches it's highly advised that you buy with Crann (We might be a little biased). Our return policy is very generous-one which puts customer's safety and happiness into consideration first before our own as a business. Having a return policy that's generous doesn't mean that Crann products are mostly defective. The sunglasses and watches we sell are of high quality compared to similar products in the market. Our return policy only means that we care for our customers and are honest with them.


If you don't think they suit your style etc don't worry we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED return policy within 90 days of purchase.

In the event that you have found out that the product that you bought at Crann is defective, you are more than welcome to return it to us. However, the return must be made in 12 months if it's a manufacturing defect if your Cranns where broken by mistake we can also help (Details HERE)  

Remember that the product must be in its original state when you return it to us. Say, for example, you bought a watch and decided to return it on the 89th day after its purchase. The watch that you are returning must have the original strap and other similar components. To put it simpler, the item that you are returning must not be tampered with.

If your return request is approved, you will be duly refunded and a credit will be sent to your credit card or any mode of payment on your preference within a specific number of days. However, if you do not need the money and want to exchange the defective product for another item. 

Want more details to check out the full policy here or if you want to ask any questions please feel free to email support@crann.co 


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