Sunglasses aren't just for the Sun!

There is an increasing demand for sunglasses due to its handy and advanced features. Sunglass manufacturers are designing modern and unique sunglasses to meet the growing demands of the people. Now, people can find sunglasses according to suit their clothing too. Here are some other uses of sunglasses apart from observing the sunshine

1) UV protection

Sunglasses arent just for the Sun!

The sun emits UV rays that are responsible for the heat that the sun produces. These rays are harmful and can cause permanent damage to our eyes when we stare directly to the sun. Unfortunately, most people are unknowingly exposing their eyes to direct sunlight rays and suffer the consequences by not wearing sunglasses



2) Polarised and why it helps

Polarised sunglasses

When the sun's rays hit objects, the light is scattered in all directions, which results in a glare. The glare can affect the way you perceive the objects that you are seeing, and it can even alter your depth perception. Glare can distort the colors that you see, and it may cause temporary blindness. Polarization filters the unwanted light that causes glare. 

The eye perceives light as if it is produced in horizontal or vertice direction. Polarised sunglasses have special technology so that the horizontal light, which causes the glare, is filtered out. Most polarized sunglasses feature unique lenses that use polarization, while other companies prefer to add an adhesive polarized film to the lenses.

Polarized sunglasses offer many benefits. Since the wearers don't experience glare, they are less likely to suffer from headaches that are caused by squinting or trying to see clearly when they are out in the sun. When you first put on a pair of polarized sunglasses, you will see an immediate difference. The colors will be clearer, and you will see that the outline of each object is clearly defined. Your depth perception will also be more accurate, which is extremely important when you are driving. In addition to being able to see more clearly, you will have the long term benefits of protecting your eyes against the sun's damage.


3) Enhances the outlook

Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses are considered as an important stylish accessory to enhance the outlook of the people. Today, you can find sunglasses in a wide range of variety according to your expectation and budget. Its stylish frame design, colorful lenses, sleek outlook, and trendy look makes sunglasses one of the best stylish accessories.


4) Fashionable

Wooden Sunglasses

The extensive use of sunglasses in the field of movies and entertainment has transformed fashion to the next level. Sunglasses incorporation to our fashion and style has been overly accepted and an accessory that should not be left out in our outfits. For this reason, new brands and styles emerge daily to meet the growing demand for sunglasses.


5) Improves visual clarity and comfort

Crann (trees)

Prescription sunglasses can improve visual clarity and comfort by protecting the eye from harmful rays. During outdoor activities, sunglasses can offer a cool sensation to your eyes.


6) Protects the eye from injuries

Sunglasses Fashion

Sunglasses not just protect your eye from harmful rays, but secures from dust and other harmful particles too. Surfing, mountain climbing, and other outdoor activities can cause injury if your eyes are not protected using sunglasses.



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