The 5 Best Watches For Christmas

We all know that one person who seems almost impossible to shop for, right? I know I do. They either give you a ridiculous gift idea or can't come up with anything at all. You are left completely stumped and clueless on what to get that person for Christmas. How about a watch? 

It seems like such a simple idea, and honestly, I think a lot of people overlook it. So why get someone a watch? A watch is such a great gift idea because not only does everyone tell time, but they even can have different, sincere meanings behind them.

Watches can also complement that person's fashion sense. Since there are so many different watches out there, they make them go with just about any style out there. Ranging from simple to way more elegant, there is something for everyone. 

The meaning behind watches can also go a long way. If you give a watch to your child it could mean that you enjoy and cherish your time with them. Time may seem to go by so slow but, one day you will blink and they are grown. Maybe for your spouse, a watch could mean that you are thankful for all the time side by side. 

Let's check out some of the Top 5 Watches you can get someone!


Luxury Watches

If they are wanting a great confidence boost or something to jazz up their outfit a bit more, a luxury watch is a great idea.

Gucci G - CRANN 5 Best Blogs
-Gucci G- Timeless Leather Men's Watch 830.26 Euros

This watch is a bit on the expensive side, however, if the person you are buying for loves name brands this is a great choice. The colors on this watch work together so nicely, it will definitely be a staple point of the outfit. The leather is smooth looking, and the Gold and Quartz together really pop. The face it is water-resistant is a huge bonus in my book!

Bering | Crann 5 best watches
-Bering Classic Slim Watch with Sapphire Crystal and Black Calfskin Leather Strap 169.74 Euros

Bering watches are one of my favorites look wise, not to mention a really affordable luxury watch. Not only does it look sleek, but it also tells you what day of the week it is and has day/ night function. Made also with Medical Grade Stainless Steel.

Sailbhreas - CRANN 5 Best watches
- Crann's Sailbhreas Watch 249.00 Euros

Talk about stunning! Made of gorgeous Red Sandalwood with black stainless chronograph. When I look at this watch it screams classy, and sophisticated The Sailbhreas watch would pair wonderfully with a nice suit.. 


Casual Watches

Perhaps your person is not so fashion concerned, but more so into casual looks. If so, Casual style watches are nice because they look great but are not too flashy. These would be great for even just day to day life. 

August Stein - Crann 5 Best Watches
-August Steiner Men's Quartz Easy-to-Read Leather Silver-Tone Strap Watch 45.42 Euros

Super affordable and very nice looking. These colors work really well together but don't cause too much of a big deal. This watch is a great idea if you need to incorporate Military time into your life. The numbers are easy to read and the strap makes this very comfortable to wear. 

Diesel DZ7370 | Crann 5 best watches
-Diesel Men's DZ7370 'Mr. Daddy 2.0' Red Stainless Steel and Silicone Watch 328.68 Euros

This watch is so fun to just look at. It is so different in many way. If you are someone who travels internationally a lot or even just in other time zones this is the watch for you. Not only can you tell your normal time, but also the time for 3 other locations outside of your time zone. Pretty cool right?

Stuhrling | Crann best watches
-Stuhrling Original Men's Mechanical Pocket Watch 103.72 Euros

I love pocket watches, and love that you do not have to wear them on your wrist. This pocket watch is simple, yet a very nice looking piece. It is water-resistant and made with great quality materials.

Inis | Crann 5 best watches
-Crann's Inis Watch 99.00 Euros

The Inis watch is a very simple, yet nice looking piece made from Bamboo! This is such a great option even for those who are conscious of the environment around us! The colors compliment each other very well and will go with a variety of outfits.

Sports Watches

I am sure there is someone in your life who is a sports junkie, or even a gym rat. You know, those people constantly working out? When your playing hard or maybe even lifting hard, you get sweaty. Finding a great sports watch is a great investment.

Timex Marathon | Crann 5 best watches
-Timex Marathon Full Size Digital Watch 24.69 Euros

Even though this watch is more on the cheap side, it offers plenty of great features. If you need an alarm to wake up at 5 a.m. for a run, it'll do it! There is even a light so you can read your time in the dark. It also includes a 24 hour stopwatch!

G-shock | Crann 5 best watches
-Casio GA-100c-8ACR G Shock Analog Watch 70.49 Euros

This watch looks cool and tough. It's stylish, and an analog and digital clock. The G Shock is made perfectly for those who do rougher sports like Motorcross, Snowboarding, Mountain Climbing, even skateboarding. It will pass the test of durability. It is all black with a nice pop of blue for color. Also water and shock-resistant.

Skyhawk | Crann 5 best watches
-Citizen Men's JY8078-01L Eco-Drive Blue Angel's Skyhawk A-T Watch 437.81 Euros

If you are a busy sports kind of guy this is a busy watch for you! Jam-packed with cool features. The watch itself just looks fun. Do you need Atomic- Timekeeping in 43 cities? Here you go! Calendar, Alarms, Dual times; it's all here!

Smart Watches

Technology has come a long way, even in just the last few years. From phones to T.V. and now watches. You can do almost anything with watches nowadays. If you want to keep up with all the new tech stuff out there, these watches are up your alley.

Apple Watch | Crann 5 best watches
-Apple Watch Series 4 377.18 Euros

If you own an iPhone, you are probably interested in one of these bad boys. It can pretty much do the same thing as your phone, except this is smaller and wearable. If you happen to fall while doing something, it will detect your fall! This is a great feature for the elderly. It monitor's your heart rate, and has hands free calling, how cool is this watch?!

Fitbit | Crann 5 best watches
-FitBit Versa Fitness Watch 179.61 Euros

Yes, this one is also a fitness watch, however, it is classified under smartwatch. You can now keep up with your workouts, and stats all from your watch! Includes 15 exercise modes from biking, running, lifting weights and more. When you are done working out, your watch will send you a post work out summary!

Indigi | Crann 5 best watches
-Indigi 2-in-1 SmartWatch 71.84 Euros

An affordable smartwatch that is Bluetooth compatible. Take phone calls and messages all from your watch. The best part is it is hands-free. This Smartwatch even has a wrist camera, and touch screen!


Dress Watches

It always feels good to get dressed up every now and then. Why not have a really nice watch to go with your great outfit when you head out to dinner?

August Steiner | Crann 5 best watches
-August Steiner Men's Auto Skeletal Watch 52.66 Euros

This watch presents itself very well, and would even be great for business casual attire. It looks smooth, nice and comfortable all at once. Also is very stylish since the dial is skeletonized so you can see how fascinating it is to watch a watch work. 

Promaster Diver | Crann 5 best watches
-Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Watch 168.39 Euros

With this watch's classic look, it is sure to always be a favorite. It's simple, not too over the top but very pleasing to the eye to look at. Go battery-free, because this one is Solar Powered! No more going to buy new batteries ever again. It also features very handy calendar dating.

Saoi | Crann 5 best watches
- Crann's Saoi Watch 99.00 Euros

This is such a beautiful watch, that is very sleek and reminds me very much of James Bond. Made with Gorgeous Black Sandalwood with amazing blue details. You are sure to stand out in a crowd of people with this beauty!

Whatever your preference may be for the person you are buying for, these watches are sure to be a great gift. They all offer so many abilities. It just shows the person that you really took the time and thought about their day to day life and needs to find them a great quality watch. I hope they enjoy it.


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