The Most Fun Eco-Friendly Attractions in Ireland

Hello, My name is Saoirse and I own Perfect Irish Trip, a time saving travel planning website for anyone coming to Ireland. Eoin from CRANN and I both share a passion for living a more eco-friendly and sustainable life, so I am delighted to write some posts regarding eco-friendly travel across Ireland.



Traveling across Ireland can be done in a very eco-friendly manor. We are very lucky here that many people and business owners are aiming to make the world a better place. Every day more and more companies are doing their part to make great changes, some companies however have set out with eco-friendly ethos in mind from the beginning. Here is a list of 5 of the most eco-friendly places you can explore in while touring Ireland or even if you live in Ireland and you want some adventure, we have made this list by covering somewhere in almost each of the four corners of Ireland. 


 The Most Fun Eco-Friendly Attractions in Ireland | Crann Irish sustainable Sunglasses and watches

Cool Planet Experience

Cool Planet Experience is located in the Wicklow mountains, the garden of Ireland and we highly recommend that you go here. It is more so aimed at children and young teenagers, but is a fun experience for all ages. It is 45 minutes of interactive fun to learn about global warming, climate change and how to offset your carbon footprint by learning how to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. It is located at Powerscourt House and Gardens in Enniskerry, which is a beautiful estate to walk around and bask in nature.

 The Most Fun Eco-Friendly Attractions in Ireland | Crann Irish sustainable Sunglasses and watches

Skellig Islands

An area of Ireland that is becoming highly recognised are the Skellig Islands, particularly Skellig Michael. As of recent times you will see them in the Star Wars franchise.  Due to the wildness that is the Atlantic ocean, these islands can only be accessed over the summer months and on calm days. There are walking island tours available, but to preserve the beauty, the buildings and the nature, there is a restriction on how many people can go onto these islands every year. The walking tours are from morning to mid-afternoon and cost €100 p/p. The eco boat tours are highly recommended, they pass both islands and give all the history, facts and information on the islands. They know the best places to stop and show you all the attractions on the islands so you don’t miss a thing. These eco boat tours cost €40p/p and last for 2 hours. (Prices may vary)

 The Most Fun Eco-Friendly Attractions in Ireland | Crann Irish sustainable Sunglasses and watches

Burren Perfumery

The Burren Perfumery is one of the Burren’s many amazing secrets. Hidden away in Carran (an area in the Burren), there is a beautiful and enchanting perfumery, with a shop selling all natural and organically made perfumes, toiletries and candles and a delicious café. Using herbs and plants grown on-site for their ingredients in both the perfume and café. The Burren Perfumery is one of the true gems of Irish business to visit, you can walk around the small factory, be taken on a guided tour (free of charge) and explore the gardens were some of the ingredients are grown. Entry for the tours is currently free.

 The Most Fun Eco-Friendly Attractions in Ireland | Crann Irish sustainable Sunglasses and watches

Hazel Chocolate Mountain

Not too far from the Burren Perfumery is Hazel Chocolate Mountain, a chocolate factory. It might be one of the last things you expect to find in the limestone mountains, but it is a very interesting little corner of the Burren. There is a guided tour on offer for a set fee, but sometimes if you arrive during a non-busy time, you might be able to avail of a quick mini tour for free. Hazel Chocolate Mountain adhere to strict environmental policies; they operate from a green roof building which helps minimize energy consumption, while also increases biodiversity and offers a unique habitat for wildlife. They have no plastic in their shop, all products are wrapped and covered using either recyclable or reusable paper and the staff use cloth gloves rather than plastic while handling the chocolate. They use only sustainable and ethical suppliers for their ingredients. It is a great experience for both adults and children, especially any foodies.

 The Most Fun Eco-Friendly Attractions in Ireland | Crann Irish sustainable Sunglasses and watches

Wild Ireland

Wild Ireland is an animal sanctuary set up by Killian McLoughlin, that rehabilitates animals and also houses animals once native to Ireland. Amongst the animals are 3 brown bears, European wolves, a lynx (the original Celtic Tiger), an otter and red deer, red deer, red foxes, an owl, an otter and many more. All animals have been rescued from cruel circumstances such as circuses, illegal trade and neglect. Killian worked closely with three international charities to bring the animals to his 23 acre site that they now call home.


These are only a few examples of some lovely eco-friendly places to visit in Ireland. If you would like more examples or you would like help preparing a plan/ itinerary of where you would like to stay and dine in Ireland you can look at our Eco-Friendly Tour of Ireland or have a look at our Perfect Irish Trip Packages. Happy Traveling.




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