Why Do We Ship with An Post?

"Sustainability has to be the guiding principle for the business."

 - David McRedmond, An Post CEO

What is An Post, and what is their purpose? 

An Post is an Irish led high-quality eCommerce and mail marketing business, with Irish sustainability and community at its core. They deliver a postal service of the highest quality and aim to modernise and encourage digital transformation.

At Crann, we not only want to choose the best quality service for you, but also a service that follows our values. An Post is the 1st postal service to eliminate carbon emissions in a capital city and has developed its own Strategic Sustainability Framework, engineering a positive impact for Ireland - in society, the economy, and of course, the environment.

How does An Post help fulfil our sustainability goals?

An Post is currently implementing their Eco Plan, which has resulted in zero-emission vehicles carrying out all postal deliveries in Dublin City Centre - an initiative that they are expanding to other cities in Ireland. They also rely on sustainable energy wherever possible, e.g. with the use of solar panels installed on their buildings. They even go a step further, sharing their financial success with environmental initiatives in local communities.

At Crann we feel these initiatives mirror our own goals for environmental sustainability. They focus on remodeling services to reduce pollution and creating new solutions to old problems.

How does An Post work towards global sustainability?

An Post not only focusses on Irish sustainability but also considers its wider global impact. They are committed to helping with the advancing of the Sustainable Development Goals, outlined by the United Nations.

There are 5 development goals that An Post has selected to dedicate their efforts:

1) Climate Action 

To further the progress of the Climate Action Initiative, An Post focusses on eliminating carbon emissions and increasing efficiency, with the long-term goal of supporting Ireland's low carbon future. They are taking strides toward halving carbon emissions by 2030.

2) Decent Work and Economic Growth 

They offer an inclusive, safe, and healthy environment for all of their workers. They do this with great success, having achieved equality between genders in management, and offering flexible hours with clear communication between staff.

3) Sustainable Cities and Communities 

An Post is a strong positive influence in both local and wider communities. They not only make generous donations to environmental sustainability movements but also support education and community programs, ensuring they have a long term positive impact wherever they deliver.

4) Responsible Consumption and Production

Like our company, An Post is minimising the environmental impact of their activities and their supply chain. They train staff in responsible purchasing and track their progress in this area through regular evaluation.

5) Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

An Post collaborates with businesses such as Crann, promoting sustainable innovation and production. They support movements towards a better future in all areas of society.

Rest assured, we are ensuring sustainability throughout our entire process, from our recycled materials, all the way to your doorstep. 


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