Why Wood Frame Sunglasses?

Until a few years ago, eyeglass frames were made of materials such as titanium, acetate, titanium/metal and some rhinestone accessories. As the world is changing, today wood frame sunglasses are the new trend in sunglasses.

As it is known, wood comes from a tree. That implies that it had to be cut down, which produced a space in its ecosystem and it is one less tree that intervenes in the purification of the air. This could aggravate the problem of global pollution, depending on the number of trees that will be needed to meet the demand for wooden frames.

You may ask yourself, in that sense, what preventive or conservationist measures or management are in place? If you didn't know, find out, there are men and women from important corporations and companies working on giving the best solutions to the existing problems. Crann is one of them.

Crann was born thinking and giving solutions to the problems of waste and damage to our planet. That is why his goal has a double purpose; to make the world a better place and to help people look more elegant. Everything is done with quality, functionality, sustainability, style and design. 100% of its products are made of recycled and sustainable materials.

What Crann's doing to solve

1- Recycling 

Of the average 7.7 kg of waste generated per week by each household and the 92 million tons of waste generated by the fashion industry worldwide each year, stainless steel, PE plastic and wood are taken out of the garbage and turned into beautiful sunglasses and fashion watches. Products are 100% recycled and recyclable. Of such quality, that they are guaranteed for one year and if they break, there is a 50% refund. No more cheap sunglasses, 1 pair of recycled materials is for life.

 The interesting thing about this is that the amount of waste you reuse significantly reduces the volume of material that ends up in the landfill.

2- Environmental Cost Reduction

By using only recycled wood, environmental costs are reduced. In addition to donating £2 per product to a company dedicated to the preservation of Ireland's forests and the restoration of Ireland's first climactic ecosystem. This action restores part of the 41 million trees felled each year, affecting 20% of carbon emissions.



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