Wood or Metal: Which is the Best Watch Material?

Plenty of people all over the world wear watches, but are all watches equal in terms of material? It is easy to compare wood and metal watches because of the clear differences in quality and reliability.


Both metal watches and wooden watches are durable. The difference, however, is that wooden watches are often coated in extra layers of protection to ensure that they are going to last for a long time. Not only does this increase the durability of the wood, but it also makes the watch itself smoother and softer to the touch. 


Wood is generally going to feel lighter than metal when it comes to watches because the wood that is used is a lighter type of wood. It really is that simple. When you are wearing it on your wrist, you can feel the difference in weight between metal or wooden watches. Most people find that the wooden watches are more comfortable due to the lighter material.

Unique and Attractive 

Not everyone owns a wooden watch. Although they are becoming more and more popular, they still are not going to be seen everywhere you go. Wooden watches are very nice to look at and because they are often handmade, they can appear to be very intricate and have nice designs embedded in them as well. There are a lot of ways to be creative when making a wooden watch and this is part of the reason that each watch can be unique.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Wooden watches are going to be made from materials that are much more natural and reusable than metal watches. In many cases, the materials used to create wooden watches will be recycled and this is part of the reason that watches made from wood are considered to be more 'green' than other materials that may be used for watchmaking. 

Energy Efficiency

Although this is not something that a lot of consumers might think about when purchasing or wearing a new watch, the process of creating the watch itself can require a lot of energy. This is especially true with metal watches because they are often mass produced. Wooden watches can easily be made by hand and are more likely to save energy because machines are not needed as heavily in the creation process. If you care about the environment, this may be something to consider when choosing your next watch.


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