Welcome to Crann.co¬†ūüėé

My names Eoin McGuinness owner and creator of Crann.co, I'm a very proud Irish man which is where the name comes from (but more about that later) & a lover of adventure, nature, and conservation.


Before I start I wanted to shout out to my wonderful family and friends because of you I wouldn't be in business today. So to Lorna (Mam), Alana and Hayley (My sisters), Siobhan (My partner) and of course everyone who has given feedback tested sunglasses & watches helping shape what we have today.



So Crann.co was born from a trip to Thailand which opened my eyes to how other cultures and countries use the raw sustainable materials they have to create some practical and beautiful items. Looking at how they used Bamboo and other woods in so many walks of life stuck with me while traveling.


After doing a lot of research, testing concepts & products Crann.co was born in 2018. We decided to use recycled bamboo, oak & mixed woods for our sunglasses and new bamboo, ebony & sandalwood for our watches (I speak about this HERE while speaking to LMFM if you want to learn more about my process. Interview starts at 60-minutes).  All watches and sunglasses are also handcrafted which is important to making them totally unique meaning every one is different to the next next which is something I personally love! 

Our Story 

It was clear to me when setting up Crann.co that I wanted a sustainable brand which came in 2 ways- 

  1. Use Sustainable Materials.
  2. Donation to a local cause that means something to the brand but also in the conservation of Irish Trees & Forestry.

So we decided on every purchase of Crann.co products we give a donation to The Native Woodland Trust, who are dedicated to the preservation of Ireland's remaining ancient woodlands. They are also committed to the restoration of Ireland's original climax ecosystem, through the re-creation of woodlands, using only native seed.


As we continue to grow we are keeping these values as upmost importance along with Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Value For Money.


We wanted the brand to be uniquely Irish so I decided on the name Crann (tree in Irish) and named all the watches and sunglasses after my favourite Irish words, check out any of the product pages and see if you can spot of your favourites?


We are 100% Irish Owned and Operated. All our products are shipped from our distribution centre in Clonalvy, Co. Meath. (We run everything from our Home in Clonalvy as we are a family run business)


Any other questions chat to directly via the chat window to your right or on Facebook/Instagram/Email.


Bu√≠ochas le milli√ļn,