Repair Guide

If your Crann Watch or Sunglasses are no longer under warranty, there is a cost involved in getting your "Crann's" fixed. For further information or to proceed with a repair, please contact us at

We at Crann know that life happens, it could be stepping on your sunglasses or your watch, sitting on them, dog eats them, dropped off a mountain etc... To help out with this you can return your broken sunglasses or watch (If you have it no matter the condition) within 12 months of the purchase date along with proof of purchase (Your email is all we need) and be given a unique discount code that will give you 50% off a new pair.

Please email us at to claim your replacement pair of sunglasses oer watch at 50% off. 

COSTS IF YOU HAVE A SMALL FIX: excluding shipping

  • Replacement Sunglass Legs- €15 
  • Watch Strap (Leather) - €30 
  • Watch Strap (All Wood) - €40 
  • Battery - €20 
  • Glass - €25 
  • Replacement Case - €10